Recently, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued a Decision approving the local adjustment of the zoning plan of 1/2000 scale Truong Luu residential area, Long Truong ward, City. Thu Duc.
Specifically, on May 4, 2021, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued Decision No. 1469/QD-UBND on approving the local adjustment of the 1/2000 scale zoning plan for Truong Luu residential area, Long ward School, City. Thu Duc (adjusted detailed land use planning of the land area for implementation of Long Truong garbage TTC project) in the street box with symbols I.2, II.4, II.31 and related roads. The area for local adjustment of the planning has an area of 94,411m2.

Decision No. 1469/QD-UBND of HCMC People's Committee

Accordingly, the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City directs to adjust the function and boundary of the street plot II.31 and a part of the street block II.4 from service-commercial land and a part of residential land into technical infrastructure land to implement investment policy to renovate and upgrade Long Truong daily-life solid waste (TTC) transfer station at the vacant land area expected to expand Long Truong market and adjust data on area and location the land boundary to conform to the legal land has been allocated for investment and construction of Long Truong market (Long Truong ward) according to Decision No. 3771/QD-UB dated September 10, 2003 of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and actual conditions. economy in the region. In addition, adjust the direction of Truong Luu route from 1st street to Nguyen Duy Trinh street in the direction of the current route.
Department of Planning - Architecture and City People's Committee. Thu Duc is responsible for updating and displaying the contents of the local adjustment of the planning in the dossier of the adjustment scheme of the zoning planning at the scale of 1/2000 of Truong Luu residential area (Long Truong ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City). Thu Duc); in the process of management, the organization implementing the implementation according to the approved plan should control and manage closely to have solutions to overcome arising problems (if any); publicly announce the contents of the local adjustment of the planning; set up landmarks according to the approved plan...
In addition, the Department of Planning and Architecture must update and display the locally adjusted contents of the approved planning into the application to publish and publicize transparent information on the website of the city planning information. HCM. Along with that, relevant departments, branches and localities are responsible for implementing this Decision.
Thus, on May 4, 2021, the City People's Committee. Thu Duc has completed the procedures for adjusting the planning of the land area to implement the project according to regulations. Currently City People's Committee. Thu Duc is carrying out the procedures to apply for the adjustment of the land use purpose for the project and handing over the land to Him Lam Real Estate Business Joint Stock Company (Him Lam Land).

Decision No. 1469/QD-UBND is the latest progress in Him Lam Land's continuous efforts to speed up the relocation of solid waste TTC on Thuy Loi Street, Phuoc Long A Ward, District 9. By all means With the efforts and determination, Him Lam Land will continue to accompany the authorities to soon completely solve the pollution at Phuoc Long A solid waste TTC so that the people and residents of Him Lam Phu An have a safe environment. Best school to live.
Him Lam Land Company hopes that Him Lam Phu An apartment residents will grasp the legal process of the investment project to expand and upgrade the garbage transfer station in Long Truong ward and the progress of the project's legal procedures. current judgment. From there, share with the difficulties that Him Lam Land Company is solving in relocating Phuoc Long A Garbage Transfer Station.

In the coming time, Him Lam Land will continuously update the latest information on the progress of relocation to customers and residents. Him Lam Land would like to thank our customers and residents for always trusting and accompanying our company's projects during the past time


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In the face of the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Him Lam Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company (Him Lam Land) has actively implemented measures to prevent the epidemic, ensuring the safety of customers when visiting. at the Him Lam Van Phuc project trading floor.



Responding to the unpredictable outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Him Lam Land Company coordinated with the Management Board, the Management Board at the apartments to strengthen epidemic prevention measures to the highest level.

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